Custom cast stone products to fit your needs. 
Stone Range hoods, cast limestone fireplaces, columns, balusters, window sills, entry ways and other architectural elements. 


Custom cast stone hoods and fireplace surrounds

We specialize in fireplace surrounds, fireplace mantels, columns & balustrade systems, exterior cast stone  molding, kitchen hoods and precast products.

Please look through our "Hand Made" collection of Light-Weight Custom Range Hoods. Our Custom

Hoods are made to look and feel like natural stone. Your Custom Stone Range Hood will become the focal point over your cook top while weighing much less than our competitors.

you can mix and match as you like. All of our stone Kitchen hoods are

Made and designed to fit within your measurements. We provide you with a CAD drawing

with all the measurements at no charge. You truly are getting a custom one of a kind Stone

Vent Hood when you place your order with us.

Our fireplace mantels and hoods  create a visual centerpiece tailored to the desires of each individual’s unique tastes. Cast stone columns and balustrade systems have long been used to enhance architectural design with character and beauty.

stove range hood

Model H - 1

Stone Vent Hood with grapes insert design brings the ultimate luxury to your kitchen. Many of the shelves and corbels can be interchanged which allows you to create a design to suit your taste. Overhood added above the hood on any of the designs to further enhance your stunning kitchen.

This range hood can be customized to any size.

Miami, FL

stove hoods

Model H - 2

The cast stone vent kitchen hood design in your home is your opportunity to create a great focal point in your kitchen. Whether it’s a simple or a decorative detailed design, you can find it in our collection of limestone range hoods that is just right for your home.

Our hoods is lightweight and  made to  look and feel like natural stone.

Tampa, FL

kitchen stove hoods

Model H - 3

Elegant handmade in cast stone decorative range hoods with detailed curving

Our custom range hoods come with stone corbels that you can mix and match with different detailing and they can be custom made in different designs  to fit your style.

The range hood design in your home is your opportunity to create a great focal point in your kitchen. You are sure to find the style, look and feel that is perfectly suited to your home design.

Please contact us for your custom stove hood design.

Durham/Raleigh, NC
custom kitchen hood

H 21

48'' range 

The effect the limestone hood has over kitchens makes houses look modern and at the same time provide the means to easily get rid of any unwanted steam from boiling water, for example, and will undoubtedly impress anyone stepping inside through their astonishing classic look. Forget those old plastic ones, it's time to move on to stone kitchen hoods and bring the stone age back into your home!

island range hood

Model H - 4

All of our stove vent hoods have been designed and engineered for ease of installation. Only the finest cast stone materials are used to create our limestone range hoods. All are offered in custom sizes and unique texture.

When working with us you can mix and match to create your own look. 

Lexington, KY

decorative range hoods

Model H - 5

We can help transform your cooking area into the focal point of your kitchen. Our stone kitchen hoods add a designer element to your kitchen. Kitchen cook top hoods are a beautiful and built to last. We can manufacture them in any sizes. You can choose your style or create your own.

Knoxville, TN

decorative range hood

Model H - 6

Boston, MA

Creation is only part of the process. Our expert installers will make sure your Fireplace Mantle or stove range hood is installed properly and on time. We use premium  cast stone materials when installing our products which will ensure the beauty and longevity of your product. With us your options are endless. You can choose from our existing library of hoods, or create your own. Our design team can help you create or replicate any design and we have the ability to work around your needs to manufacture our products to your specifications.

kitchen hoods

Model H - 7

Each and every one of our stone range hoods is hand crafted, using old world techniques, and are available in any size to fit your space. Classic, traditional, contemporary, modern, transitional. With our cast stone  island hoods, fully versatile to accommodate any situation, we can help create that custom "one of a kind" piece.

Philadelphia, PA

kitchen hood

Model H - 8

Enhance your kitchen look with one of our beautiful cast stone range hoods. Our custom precast stove hoods are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to make it the focal point of your kitchen design. The tones and the styles we offer will give a bold accent in your perfect family kitchen.

Browse through our selection of cast stone vent hoods and cast limestone hoods to see which of them will go perfectly over your stove.

Washington, DC

hood vents

Model H - 9

Your range hood serves a couple of very important purposes in the kitchen, and selecting the right one is something that warrants some comparison shopping. Stone Range hoods come in several custom sizes and designs.

Richmond, VA

range hood insert

Model H - 10

One important focal point in many kitchens is the cooking area. As cast stone kitchen hoods ranges have become popular, they have helped draw attention to that part of the kitchen.

The sheer size of some of these ranges are 36, 48 to 60 inches wide, and the bulk of their high BTU burners makes the area a natural point of focus. When designing that area, many people look for a decorative limestone range hood or an intricate wall tile design to set the stage.

By creating a custom vent hood one can create a bold focal point while disguising the functional aspect of the range hood. "A spectacular hood is always going to be the focal point in a kitchen."

Installed in Charleston, SC

range vent hood

Model H - 11

Range stone hoods often are combined with interesting stone, glass or metal wall tile designs. Depending on the style of kitchen, the wall may have a rustic marble design or contain a mix of contemporary glass and metal tiles with interesting texture.

The French Country style stone kitchen hoods is derived from aristocrats who took the ornate styling found in their primary residences and softened it a bit for their country homes.

The lines are less formal and more rustic

While more relaxed than the heavy French influence, the French Country style still features detailed scrolling and carved cabinetry elements. The style incorporates many furniture elements with soft, curved corners and accents.

Columbia, SC

Old world hoods

Model H - 13

Superb cast stone hood? Certainly, it seems hard to take somebody’s eyes away from such a great resolution of your kitchen design.
Giving your kitchen complete and astonishing look. Combination of strict forms with elegant Renaissance ornamentation makes travertine hood extremely attractive.
Although it is made of hard material, this exclusive custom range hood looks light and exquisite due to its natural  color and shape .
Place, adorned with such hand made grace and skill surely would become the most appealing part of any kitchen for those who value beauty, quality and art and have a good taste.

stove stone hood

Model H - 15

It is a widely spread idea that the kitchen is where a house gets its beauty from. It could truly be said it is the soul of your home. It's the place where the whole family gets together and talks about hard days while enjoying a hot dinner. But with the importance of the kitchen, it is vital that it has the tools to provide a comfortable atmosphere.

This is where the stone kitchen hoods come in. Over the past few years, they have become a more and more common element as part of homes all over the world, as they are a useful tool to have when cooking and give a lovely touch to your kitchen.

Charleston cast stone hood

H 16

The design includes crown molding and set of  corbels. 

The design provides for better illumination in the kitchen. This cast  limestone range hood will beautifully work with any color in the kitchen . 

Boston kitchen range

H 20

As well as the ease of use, these cast stone range hoods also provide your kitchen with an unbelievable atmosphere through their strong lighting and programmable fan speeds. They will allow you to enjoy your family dinner in a rather silent environment due to its noise reduction, and the Italian design will surely give you a better feeling of comfort.

All in all, these cast stone range hoods represent a good fit for any type of home as they provide all the tools needed in a contemporary kitchen.

Raleigh stone range hood

H 17

The frieze on stone range hood features a delicately carved scroll and provide it with a wow effect. 

This cast stone range hood is the perfect choice if you’re looking to get your home to a high standard in terms of desing. Its premium quality material and carefully projected Italian details will surely do the trick for you and your family.

What makes these cast stone range hoods special is the manner in which they were casted, allowing for longer durability and therefore more usage, improving your cooking experience more than ever before and thus helping you cook your favorite family dishes without having the struggle of keeping windows open for the fumes to go out.

Charlotte stone kitchen hood

H 18

Your kitchen won’t be complete without this elegant stone range hood. It will work in any kitchen plan.

This range hood can be crafted to meet your measurements. 

Washington DC custom range hood

H 19

Installing a limestone range hood over your stove will  draw attention to this part of your kitchen. The range hood  featuring carved grapes and vines.

best stove hoods

Model H - 14

Cast stone kitchen range hoods serve to cover the exhaust system above cook stoves while providing a decorative element to your kitchen.

into your home!

Ideally, your kitchen will be built around your stone hood with matching colors and the final result should - and will - be amazing. Although a stone kitchen hood might sound like a very hard thing to put in place, they are very easy to install and are just as durable as usual ones.

H 15

Precast Hood for kitchen

H 16

Cast Limestone range Hoods

H 17

Cast stone and wood combination  kitchen hood

H 18

Limestone range hoods. custom made 

H 19

kitchen range hood

H 20

Stove range hood

H 21