Custom cast stone products to fit your needs. 
Stone Range hoods, cast limestone fireplaces, columns, balusters, window sills, entry ways and other architectural elements. 


An Impressive collection of custom made to any style or size cast Limestone fire surround mantels. Our Cast Stone company creates a wide variety of cast stone mantels for all applications . Available for both indoor and outdoor living and can be customized to any dimensions and designs.

Custom work is what we do best.

Model M-1

Elegant and simple custom made of cast stone travertine fireplace surround with simple legs and follows the traditional design of so many of the 19th century French stone . Will be the focal point to any family room, library or bedroom in your home. This stone mantel surround is installed in Charlotte, NC

Start @ $2950

Model M-2

An Impressive yet classic in design, cast lime stone mantel offers the natural beauty and elegance of fireplace mantels at affordable price.

All of our surrounds is custom made to order.

Installed in Birmingham, AL

This surround can be custom made for YOU 

Start @ $2550

Model M-3

This stately cast stone mantle surround has beautiful legs with lions paw feet and a custom stone mantel shelf. It would be the focal point in the room of your choice or in your chateau.

Can be custom made to any size of firebox opening.

Houston, TX

Start @ $2950

Model M-4

Installed in Columbia, SC

Incredible handmade cast limestone mantel surround. This cast stone fireplace surround mantle can be made to your dimensions and would be the focal point in your living room. Please feel free to customize this fire surround to your specific needs or send us your own design or photos for a quote.

Model M-5

Installed in Boston, MA

Simple but elegant and one classy limestone mantle surround for your formal room.

This fireplace can be customized to your required dimensions

With mantel styles from 'modest to magnificent', interior designers, builders, architects and homeowners throughout the country have preferred our cast stone mantels.
Start @ $2950

Model M-6

Contemporary cast stone mantel.

This carefully crafted stone mantel surround  will undoubtedly make your home better not only through its looks and design, but also through its functionality, giving you the opportunity to create a unique atmosphere for your family .

Nashville, TN

Model M-7

Our Cast Stone products are hand molded and hand finished by our talented artisans. We specialize in services to builders, architects, and interior designers, as well as individual home owners and invite requests for custom cast stone molds from your designs. Most of our products can be customized in height and width to fit individual requirements

Start @ $2850

Model M-8

Installed in Mobil, AL

Everyone deserves a beautiful designed cast stone mantel within all budgets to achieve stunning results. This fire surround can define the motif of your room. Cast limestone fireplace surrounds provide beauty without the expense of carved limestone. We can design and make you a cast stone surround unique to your taste or desire. And our designs are suitable for any type of firebox.

Start @ $2950

Model M-9

Cast Fireplace mantel offers a unique character. This Cast Stone surround design is sure to make an impression in your room. As your family and friends share conversations around the fireplace , this mantel is sure to add .a finishing touch of the gathering.

Start @ $2950

Model - M 10

Cast limestone Fireplace Design offers simple but elegant design suitable for any room . This cast stone mantelpiece will add warmth and purpose to your room. Your family and friends will have precious time around this cast mantel. The photo shown above is installed in

New Orleans LA

Start @ $2950

Model - M 11

We have assembled an extensive collection of designs covering a wide range of styles and sizes. From the graceful, intricate lines of traditional styles to the understated elegance of a strong, contemporary look, limestone fireplace piece or stone range hood inspired by classic European architecture; our precast stone is designed to meet your individual taste.Greenville, SC

Start @ $2950

Model - M 12

We have one of the industry’s most impressive collections of cast stone fireplace mantles, stone hearths, cast travertine over-mantles, exquisite cast stone columns, stone range kitchen hoods, all in a wide range of styles and sizes. Exterior architectural elements include window and door cast stone trim, columns, quoins, balusters. We also offer decorative landscape elements including wall caps, pilaster caps, balustrades that are designed to meet the unique needs of our customer.

Richmond, VA
Start @ $2950

Model - M 13

Cast LimeStone Fireplace Surround offers a true Tuscany inspired design. Its simple yet its beauty is endless. This is one beautiful design which will make a perfect focal point of any room.

Creativity and design is the first step in achieving the unique characteristics of cast stone and creating a customized product.

Start @ $2950

Model - M 14

French style Old World Limestone Cast fireplace surround custom made for home in Asheville, NC

Start @ $2950

Model - M 15

Beautiful French cast limestone fireplace with ornate carving and large opening. One of the most beautiful mantles available. This cast limestone reproduction fireplace mantel surround is an elegant piece of art.
Atlanta, GA
Start @ $3450

Model - M 16

A fireplace surround will be the focal point of any room. Whether you require a simple cast limestone fireplace mantle or a custom build luxury one of a kind, Our Company can reproduce and modify existing designs to accommodate your size, or create a unique design just for you.

Nashville, TN

Start @ $2950

Model - M 17

We are committed to providing beautiful fireplace mantels to our clients. Our cast stone fireplaces are all customizable with style varieties. Our extensive collection ensures you will find a mantel, surround, or stone kitchen range hood to suite your taste and style. Our stone comes with unique textures of limestone, travertine, and sandstone. Custom work is our specialty!

Virginia Beach, VA

Start @ $2750

Model - M 18

Start @ $2950

Model - M 19

Charleston, SC

Start @ $2950

Model - M 20

New York, NY

Start @ $2950

Model - M 21

Stunning Fireplace made with cast stone

Fireplace, as we all are aware, gives an elegant look to your new or remodeled home.

Philadelphia, PA

Start @ $2750

 Over the years, fireplace has been able to provide the much needed elegant look to a home. More often than not, homes that have large size living space make use of a fireplace. However, only having the fireplace might not be enough. It has to be decorated and equipped with other important accessories as well.

Mantel can be best described as the decorative framework that is often seen around the fireplace. Usually, mantels would comprise of some of the most elaborated designs. These designs often extend right up to the ceiling. Mantel has been known as one of the most artistic features of the living room from a number of decades. The origin of mantel dates back to the medieval era. Many structures that involve the best medieval architecture would invariably have a stunning mantel.

Choose the right Mantel

Mantel Surround can be made out of many different materials. It is available in natural stone as well as artificial ones. However, it is important to opt for the right material. Design is not the only aspect that one should look into. The mantel should also be able to serve for longer years. Ideally, a curved limestone mantel is highly recommended. Limestone is one of the best building materials available in this day and age.

Why Cast Limestone Mantel?

There are many reasons why you should opt for a cast stone . Here are some of the aspects that support this claim.

Limestone is naturally beautiful

One of the prime reasons of having a mantel is to make the entire room look even more elegant. Hence, naturally, the mantel itself should look stunning to start with. Limestone is known to be one of the most spectacular natural stones available on this planet. It is one of the few stones that are available in multiple colors.

Being a quarried stone, Limestone is extremely consistent. This indicates that you can have a curved limestone mantel of almost any size and shape. No matter what size you go for, the mantel would turn out to be uniform in nature. Evenness of mantel is extremely important as far as landscape is concerned. By opting for curved limestone mantel, you would be able to lay the stone in a lot easy manner.

It is durable and Reliable

Being a natural stone, Limestone is obviously very reliable, strong and highly durable. These are some of the characteristics of most of the natural stones. It is extremely dense in nature. It is also very heavy and hence most of the architectural experts recommend the use of limestone for construction purpose. 

Model - M 24

Boston, MA

Start @ $2750

Model - M 25

Start @ $2350

Model - M 26

Model - M 27

Model - M 28

Model - M 29

Model - M 30

Custom made surround for JW Hoes in Atlanta

Model - M 31

Custom hand made mantels stone offered by our company.

Model - M 31

Model - M 32

Model - M 33

Model - M 34

M 35

M 36

Custom sized cast stone fireplaces made in the USA and shipped to states including: 

Philadelphia, PA

New York, NY

Boston, MA

Washington DC

Baltimore MD

M 37

M 38

M 39

M 40

M 41

M 42

M 43

M 44

M 45

M 46

M 47

M 48

M 49

M 50

M 51

M 52

M 53

M 54

Custom fireplace surround. Cast Limestone material. 

Cast stone fireplaces

Stone kitchen hoods

Cast stone Columns ans more

M 55

Limestone fireplace, Atlanta GA

M 56

Contemporary Modern cast stone mantel surround. 

Charleston, SC